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These Gagues are made with modern Smiths movements and are more accurate than the originals. 31 EUR . holden. GD1502/05 GD1301/02 BJ8. The dual gauge oil/water backlight was never working and now that I have taken it out of the dashboard I am surprised that there is no light bulb, no bulb hole nor any connection We can repair and recalibrate to original specification most types of Dual gauges (pressure / temperature) manufactured by Smith’s. Buy RS Vintage Parts EBY0131 Smith Replica Speedometer Tachometer Pair 150 DLLL Universal Motorcycle 12V Dual Odometer Speedometer Gauge LED   2 new SMITHS gauges for the Jaguar E-type added to the #Jaguar page. Other companies suppling this type of gauge in the 1960s included AC, Jaeger, Lucas and Veglia, but this page takes a look at some of the classic two-inch diameter Smiths How to Install a Smith’s Dual Oil/Water Gauge in a Triumph Spitfire Posted on August 1, 2016 by brucejon2 I have not liked the fact that I only have an idiot light for oil pressure. GD1502/05 - new item with 52 mm diameter, gold with black illumination and clear glass, chrome bezel, oil range Smiths Classic Dual gauge reading Oil Pressure and Water Temperature. adaptor 11k2846plus washer aed172. On later gauges the rear of the gauge case has a 1/2" diameter sleeve. tach. Your torch or regulator will be repaired, leak and flame checked and on its way back to you usually within 7 to 10 business days from the time we RECEIVE your item. After speaking with Nisonger, I returned the faulty gauge for repair/replacement. . If you damage the tube or bulb in any manner, the ether evaporates and you have a non-functional gauge. We can repair and recalibrate to original specification most types of Smiths Capillary type gauges from the Smith’s range of instruments. You can 16 Pressure gauges 14 Temperature gauges 8 Amps Volts Vacuum 9 Time clocks 18 Fuel gauges 17 Dual pressure/temperature gauges Capillary Gauges. Smiths Gauges Smiths digital instruments are made in the UK in the last survivng original factory unit. A2 Bulb has a tapered seating and a 5/8" UNF Male Nut Nisonger Instruments is a full-service supplier of Smiths Instruments gauges and high performance components and trim items for Shelby Cobras and other high-performance applications. We stock thousands of used aircraft parts, used aircraft engines and engine parts, used avionics, instruments, airframe parts, wings, tires, interior parts, propellers and prop parts. 15 inch dual gauge R134 / R12 / R22 Low Side Gauge. Shop by Make & Model. Applications. Dual carburetors. Diaphragm Repair Kit for FJC Aluminum Gauge Set (Each) Price $3. Hello, I am replacing the bulbs in my instruments (Elan S3 '67) as they were quite "low intensity", the equivalent to a candle. Once a factory option/Land Rover accessory part suitable for. Smiths Dual Healy Pressure 1 Year Warranty Water A. Free Battery Testing. I had opted for a new gauge because I wanted a 0-100 psi range instead if the original 0-60. MG-Cars. The gauge most often repaired are the Smiths dual gauges where the top half of the 52mm gauge is oil pressure and the bottom half is water temperature. GD 1502/00. Safety gauge kit also known as Dual Gauge. uk Smiths RVI Tachometer repair overview Dual gauges with a temperature scale have an ether filled bulb fitted at the end of armoured capilliary tubing there are two main types (pictured on the left) A2 and K, these are important when deciding which gauge is required they cannot be easily adapted because they fit into the engine block . Smith's Classic Instruments. Two years ago, I've removed the temperature gauge from my WWII Jeep Ford GPW in restoration. Regulator with Gauges features durable brass construction for strength and reliability. A wide variety of different bezel can be installed on this Voltmeter making it a suitable upgrade/replacement for any Lucas Ammeter having a Pointer coming down from the top and it is available exlusively from "The Source", Nisonger Instruments. They can be repaired but they often cost more to fix than a new unit. The capillary tube was broken at the sensor bulb level screwed in the engine head. Now I looked for a liquid that would have a vapor pressure of 100 psi at 110 deg C (230 deg F). This is usually due to a broken capillary tube. Shop here! Safety gauge kit also known as Dual Gauge. I've half-ordered a new Smiths dual gauge from MGOC Smiths Magnetic Instrument Repair. This is an OEM Dual Safety Gauge made by Smiths in the UK. Sign in to Buy. Smiths original Metropolitan type (matches Metropolitan speedometer). Magneto, to Lucas, and the two companies agreed not to manufacture products that the other already had an established foothold in. Don't Ignore The Warning Signs of a Failing Car Battery. this kit contains the much sought after safety gauge with the Land-Rover logo on face. Basic Service: Re-calibrate to original factory operating specifications and clean the internal works. The Smith® Equipment line features Dual Guard Torches. Julian Parker of Holden Vintage & Classic guides viewers through the available range of Smiths classic dual gauges available at www. Authentic Smith Instruments. Read more > Smiths Dual gauge . MG MGA Temp/oil guage repair? BBS discussion. Other companies suppling this type of gauge in the 1960s included AC, Jaeger, Lucas and Veglia, but this page takes a look at some of the classic two-inch diameter Smiths gauges that were either fitted as standard - usually to middle or upper range cars - or were fitted by enthusiastic owners, looking to improve their car's specification and/or monitor their engine's condition more closely. But in 1930, Smiths sold off all of their businesses related to lighting, starting and ignition, including M. Our inventory consist of used aircraft parts and avionics from manufactures like Cessna, Nisonger Instruments is a full-service supplier of Smiths Instruments gauges and high performance components and trim items for Shelby Cobras and other  SMITHS CLASSIC GAUGES. oil pressure gauge fitting Sort by most relevant Sort by highest price first Sort by lowest price first Sort by newest results first Sort by oldest results first (8 opinions) There are many reports of brand new voltage stabilizers being defective or inoperable when installed We repair units with rusted, deteriorated and leaking fuel lines, as well as burned, broken or damaged wiring harnesses and connectors. Includes capillary bulb, lines, unions, adapter and in-dash mounting  This genuine Smith's combination gauge is a direct replacement for the obsolete Moss Motors, Ltd. With stock of over 50,000 lines in a purpose built distribution centre, we manufacture and distribute classic British car parts to both trade and retail customers worldwide. Or. Vintage Temperature Gauge repair. Texas Air Salvage specializes in light twin and single engine aircraft. TG1501/13 . Smiths Dual gauge; Smiths Dual gauge . Not available for decades. Regulator Repair Kit, Series 3740. This gives the illusion of a thermometer with the colored part of the film strip being the mercury in the thermometer. Land Rover Series 1 2 2a. The lead time on the SPA gauges is a good while, been in contact with them for some time, and although they now have the gauges are waiting on sensors. British Jaeger gauges are essentially re-branded Smiths gauges. Shop here! Pictured here is a restored T-Series MG dual gauge restored as an early TD or TC, it is a combination oil pressure and water temp gauge. All Classic Speedometers, Tachometers and monitoring gauges are available with either black or magnolia faces. X. This is the test after the repair. Top Replacement Parts. Results 1 - 48 of 431 Gauge, A. 95 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Smiths Dual Gauge Gd150101 Restored , Rebuilt Competitive, high quality parts, spares and accessories for all makes and models of classic British sportscars for over 30 years. The gauge case has a series of slots just behind the bezel and the light shines through those slots to light the face. New Smiths Dual Water Oil Gauge Austin Healey 100-6 3000 Sprite Bugeye Austin Healey - $139. VAT) £105. 51 MG MGB SMITHS Dual Gauge COLD NORMAL HOT Water / Oil Pressure Gauge BHA4900 - $142. Replacing oil pressure and water temp gauges What are my options for replacing my oil pressure gauge and my water temp gauge from my 61 109? I currently have the dual mechanical smiths gauge, but the capillary tube is broken. MG MGB SMITHS Dual Gauge COLD NORMAL HOT Water / Oil Pressure Gauge BHA4900 - $142. SMITHS AND JAEGER GAUGES. I grafted a new sensory bulb via a copper tube sleeve to my old gauge. It is likely you will need to re-calibrate your Smiths Classic speedometer. All you need to know about dual gauges and a variety of pictures and part numbers. As you might surmise, the installation of the Smiths dual gauge, with its twin in the world somewhere who would know how to diagnose and repair such a  RESTORATIONS. manufactured in uk on original smiths tooling. , round plastic mounting bracket is included but I had to repair it. about 160 us dollars I recollect. Smiths Classic-Flight digital and mechanical water, fuel and time gauges, full range of matching dashboard instruments 52mm featuring white LED backlighting . 1 product rating - New Smiths Dual Water Oil Gauge Austin Healey 100-6 3000 Sprite Bugeye smiths dual oil / water gauge. 99) Fits bosch part #0273004281 audi a8 97 98 abs module repair rebuild service(US $45. Think Advance. As an aside, it's interesting to note that the dual temperature gauges used on the '61-'69 1800 coupes were completely unique to the Volvo 1800. We ship USPS standard ground. Repaired items will have a 6 month warranty. com. The temperature is indicated by where the top of the colored part of the film strip is relative to the markings on the gauge face. 282. goals in mind. Find Restoration available for purchasing now online. 52mm gauge body diameter. Smiths supplied instruments to many other makes of cars including MG, Fiat, Lotus, Sunbeam and several others, however, the temperature gauges they made for those other cars were dial type gauges. In stock. Pressure reads from 0-100PSi and the temperature reads from 40-110°Celsius. Here is a PARTIAL list of period correct dual gauges suitable for exchange. Smiths have manufactured gauges for British cars for many years and we supply these genuine Smiths Classic gauges. will, at its discretion, repair or replace any part that fails in  Caerbont Automotive Instruments - UK manufacturers of Smiths instruments and customised gauges for the Automotive Motorcycle Industrial and Marine  Results 49 - 96 of 1174 MG MGB Smiths Dual Gauge COLD NORMAL HOT Water / Oil Pressure Gauge Repair Service available for same or similar units. smiths and jaeger gauges repair and reconditioning services rev counter /tachometer upgrades the gauge shop - reconditioned smiths and I'm on the cusp of replacing the non-working (temperature part) dual oil pressure / temp. $154. must be fitted-this is to ensure. This 52mm dual gauge displays both oil pressure and water temperature and is ideal for where dashboard space is minimal. The Dual Function Oil Pressure / Water Temperature Gauge Installation. More Smiths Outside Temperature. aerospace logic - dual manifold pressure & voltmeter kit. It's made with a 1-piece, PTFE teflon encapsulated seat. Healy Smiths Jaeger Dual Gauge 1 Year Warranty Water Temprature Oil Pressure. Shop our expansive group of Restoration available now. Smiths Gauges USA is the US distributor of motorcycle gauges created at the Smiths factory in Wales, UK. Bonnets and Caps (14) Fittings (16) Gauges (10) Nipples (4) Nuts (2) O-Rings (1) O-Rings, Quad Rings (2) Repair Kits (3) Thread Type Left Hand (1) Left Hand Threads (9) Right Hand (1) Right Hand Threads (9) We have detected you're not on the correct site for the car you have selected! Click the green button below to go to the correct site. 91 GBP . VAT) £127. SIB130- WATER AND OIL DUAL SMITHS GAUGE. The temperature sensor is part of the gauge and can not be removed from the back of the gauge. When this tube is kinked or broken the Ether in the tube either escapes or can no longer apply pressure to the Bourdon tube inside of the gauge head. The OE gauge is the alcohol-filled capillary type. Free In-Store Services. 1 Gauge Oil Dual Gauge - Degrees C - Smiths - New - BHA4587 Order today from RimmerBros. GD1502/05 - exchange item with 52 mm diameter, gold with black illumination and clear glass, chrome bezel, oil Overview. We also deal with fuel gauge malfunctions related to your sending units fuel level sensor (rheostat) and wiring. Black with white illumination and clear glass, chrome bezel, oil pressure range: 0-100 PSI Review Temp Oil Water Dual Smiths Gauge Gd 1301 21. They will last longer in storage and are more durable. Correct for Land-Rover from 86-88 inch Series I, Series II & IIs through late series IIa in 1971. 00) 1998 lexus es300 dash cluster(US $49. The closest I could find was n-pentane giving 100 psi at 109 deg C and next closest were DEE at 107 deg C and ethyl mercaptan at 105 deg C. We no longer bead blast items. gauge in our 1970 GT. Hoses; Stainless Steel Braided Hose (100 Series) Start-Lite Lightweight Hose (120 Series) Teflon Braided Hose (200 Series) Pushlock Hose (400 Series) 5-Aug-2019-AM : Best Saas Dual Battery Gauge. S. when fitted to a bmc a series engine. Mini 'smiths' dual gauge (oil and water) $220. DT-102F - REPAIR of the Analog TEMPERATURE GAUGE 3 DT-102G - REPAIR of the Analog TEMPERATURE GAUGE 4 DT-102H - ADAPTER for Aftermarket Temperature Gauge DT-103 - Replacing DASH KNOBS DT-103A - Restoring DASH KNOBS Restore Bakelite Dials, part 1 - YouTube video 6:44 Restore Bakelite Dials, part 2 - YouTube video 10:33 DT-103B - Replacing a Control Cable CENTER WIRE DT-103C - Replacing a Control Cable CENTER WIRE 2 DT-104 - Bleeding the OIL PRESSURE GAUGE signal line DT-104A - OIL PRESSURE A. Add To Cart. Made Easy Free Download PDF Battery Reconditioning Find Immediate Results Free A Step-By-Step Guide Battery Reconditioning, Battery Desulfator. Smiths two-inch auxiliary gauges. It failed on the temperature side after 20 miles. Outside   Here you will find a large collection of original gauges and clusters* that are just Picture of 1934 Chevy dual gauge . Support small business u can o,o exchanges returns accepted the sponsored links listed below are not affiliated with the sale of this item. 00) Dukes of hazzard general lee door decal sticker 01 decal kit(US $35. REV COUNTER /TACHOMETER UPGRADES. p/n: 3740-2PA 3000 PSI Tank Pressure Gauge for Nitrogen, Mixed Gas, and Argon Regulators. Picture of Smith Chronometric 0-100  2" diameter. Lifetime Access Free Download PDF Recondition Your Dead Battery Bring any dead battery to life Free A Step-By-Step Guide Battery Reconditioning, Battery Desulfator. 160 EUR . I bought a replacement Smiths gauge with temp cable from LBC. 84. , and it will get a cosmetic restoration along with the fuel gauge and speaker grille. Starting in the early '70's, Ammeters were replaced with Voltmeters that were branded Smiths. The back of the gauge showing the permanent connection of the temp sensor line, and the o-ring seal (usually made of leather) of the oil pressure pipe connection. I have ordered a dual gauge for when i replace my water pipes, and ideally want to get my capillary out in one, Competitive, high quality parts, spares and accessories for all makes and models of classic British sportscars for over 30 years. UNF male fitting for the water temperature side help High Pressure Gauge; Made by Smith; Feature dual scales. And zero when the pressure was really 20. I know enough about this type of gauge to understand that I can not fix it myself. Metalastic mount bushings for Triumph dual instrument brackets. 00 inc GST. The gauge works on a magnetic principle, the pointer being attached to a lightweight magnet which is pivoted about the centre, as the magnet rotates the pointer swings as well. REPAIR AND RECONDITIONING SERVICES. X42638/28. Woodworking is a craft of producing furniture or whatever is created of wood. Welcome to Bob's Speedometer. Contact us for more information. L. Featured left to right are FCT1-1B52-00C 52mm Water temp gauge matching sender TT3001-8N smiths-gauges. 80mm Dual Gauge - LS - R12/R22/R134a: This is the 80mm / 3. 3740-2PA. Speedometers- Tachometers Gauge Kits Cables Clutch Throttle Hand Brake / Parking Brake Gear Shifter / Selector Utility Tailgate The early dual gauges and many other 52mm gauges of the period used an external light on the gauge mounting bracket to externally light the instrument. 95 Speedy Cables - Capillary Gauge Repair Alternatives. The Clocks4Classics kit is unique in that it uses a solid state sensor and microcontroller chip to replace the contacts thus providing a permanent repair. SMITHS CLASSIC GAUGES. One of the world's leading gauge restoration and repair shops! Bob's Speedometer has been repairing and restoring gauges since 1929 - For over 85 years. Dual Battery Monitor Gauge Elmer Verberg's Horizontal Engine: Elmer's horizontal engine is a simple double-acting engine of the type comminly used in mills for grinding grain a hundred years or more ago. Smith® 30-50-510 Propane (LP) Regulator is a medium duty, single stage industrial gas regulator with 50 PSIG max outlet pressure. Sell MGTD MGTC SMITHS JAEGER DUAL GAUGE 1 year warranty WATER TEMPRATURE OIL PRESSURE motorcycle in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States, for US $285. Smiths Classic Dual Gauge 52mm Oil 0-100 pis Water 90 deg C Half Round Chrome IVA Bezel (ex. For years Smiths Classic Instruments have graced the dashboards of British classic cars: from Ford GT40's and Triumph 2000's to the classic Mini, millions or drivers have relied on Smiths to tell them how fast they are going and when the fuel will run out. heart Marcy Stack Dual Function Home Gym 200 lb Stack M $ 699. Mechanical Speedometers are normally set at 1000 revs/mile for MPH and 620 revs/km for km/hour. NEW ITEM OUTRIGHT BHA4900 FITS MGBS AND MIDGETS UP TO 1976. Hi You are bidding on a New Smiths Dual oil pressure and Water temperature guage Oil Pressure is 0 to 100 psi and Temp units are C N H Cold Normal Hot as Used on MG Midget and MGB Models ,Can be Used on Triumphs Minis etc ,sale does not include engine block tee piece or copper oil pipes ,see seperate Shop Smiths Dual gauge; Smiths Dual gauge . Chronometric & Digital Speedometers and Tachs available Smith Equipment's Silverline® brand of pressure regulators are specifically designed for regulation of specialty gases used in analytical, scientific, environmental, pharmaceutical, medical and petrochemical applications. Thread: Replacing oil pressure and water temp gauges. co. Diy Repair · Check out Efren . TG1501/11 MGB dual gauge repair Post by gorms68 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:47 am I am rebuilding the dash on my MGB and cleaned up the water/oil gauge today and found that the temp does not register. Please note that this link goes to the manufacturer of these gauges I also had a rapid failure of a new Smiths dual gauge purchased 1. We service most brands and types of gauges - speedometers, tachometers, clocks, oil, fuel, amp, volt, pressure, and a host of others - for all American makes/models & Torch and Regulator Repair. We can also repair/rebuild instruments from other manufacturers, but usually need to inspect the instrument to enable us to advise or quote. The classic range of Smiths gauges are made to authentic designs and manufactured using original tooling making them the ideal choice for any classic car dashboard. Smiths Classic dual gauge is available with Chrome or Black bezel. The gauge has a 6 feet 6 inch capillary tube with a 5/8". Built with 50mm dual-scale gauges, the Harris Products Group 3/16 in. Gauge supplied with 6ft 6inch temperature capillary tube with a 3/8BSP bulb. Think Ahead. A cylinder regulator reduces the cylinder pressure to the delivery pressure and maintains a constant pressure Online shopping for Gauges - Air Conditioning Tools & Equipment from a great selection at Automotive Store. Capillary Dual Gauge We repair Capillary Water Temperature Gauges of all makes. Items 1 - 40 of 111 Gauge Repair and Restoration for Antique, Hot Rod and Classic of Smiths Instruments gauges and high performance components and trim items . Click here for none standard repair. Very important to replace these regularly, as they become hard with age and cause the instruments to suffer damaging vibrations. The capillary tube on a mechanical temp gauge is very sensitive There are several types of fuel gauges used in the car industry but I will only be referring to the 'Smiths' gauge that was used in the Austin Seven. Website DetailsJaguar E . Fits check part numbers note these parts may fit other makes, models and years, please do your home work to ensure proper fit. Classic Mini New Smiths Dual Gauge Oil Pressure And Water Temp In Celsius. MGB DUAL SMITHS OIL WATER GAGUE MARKED COLD NORMAL HOT. Many cars of the 1950s and 1960s came with auxiliary gauges as standard, and of them, a large percentage were produced by Smiths Industries. Gauge Brackets & Holders ; Smiths Dual Gauge Temperature and Oil Pressure 2" Note that this is a new UK Smiths manufactured gauge not a reconditioned unit. A quote from Gauge Guys was $250+ to repair and refurbish. The Smiths brand includes a range of digital speedos and tachos from dedicated autosport versions to electronic replicas of the original Smiths mechanical speedos and tachos of the 1960's. If you are the winner of the auction, send me your dual gauge for rebuilding. 202. Speedos; Tachos; Temperature Gauge; Pressure; Turbo; Fuel; Clocks; Cables; Gauges; To see samples of the gauges click here. 98 S & H: see site Dual Gauge, Water Temp / Oil Pressure, Smiths, Magnolia (SEL0045MG) If you have no plumbing for a mechanical oil gauge, you will need an engine fitting for either early or late block and a hose, which can be the original type, replacement nylon hose, or superior C-AHT9 braided hose. 95 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Smiths Dual Gauge Gd150101 Restored , Rebuilt How a '61-'69 Volvo 1800 Dual Temp Gauge Works. Gauge oil pressure gauge used to read way low - maybe 15 or 20 when the pressure was really 40. Click here for non standard repair Contact us for more information. £18 price rise. Combined water temperature (capillary tube and sender included) in fahrenheit and oil pressure gauge 1-100lb…. OEM Smiths Dual Oil Pressure & Water Temperature Gauges 233480. uk . Low Prices and Fast delivery worldwide! Call ☎ 01522 568000 or ☎ 1-855-746-2782 OEM Smiths Dual Oil Pressure & Water Temperature Gauges 233480. So Smiths had actually used identical Bordon tubes in the construction of these two gauges. Read more > Dual Battery Wire Gauge Elmer Verberg's Vertical Wobbler: Elmer's vertical wobbler engine is a two cylinder inverted "wobbler" style where the motion of the cylinders automatically operates the valves. 00) Smith® also serves the HVAC and jewelry industries with a line of specialty products developed specifically for these unique applications. 88 (inc. As you know the most common failure on the Smiths Dual gauge is the Temp side. Mg tc early mg td smiths jaeger dual gauge 1 year warranty oil pressure - water(US $375. Bezels Glass & Seals for SMITHS / LUCAS / JAEGER Gauges Showing 61 of 61 results Most popular What's new Price low to high Price high to low Name A to Z Name Z to A Torch and Regulator Repair. GD1301/62 - new item with 52 mm diameter. SPEEDOMETER  These vapor pressure temperature gauges are not difficult to repair but there is a I first had a look on the internet to see if Smiths had actually used DEE in the  May 21, 2018 Repair of a Mechanical Temperature Gauge the Bourdon tube measuring oil pressure in the dual gauge is identical to the Bourdon tube used  Results 1 - 48 of 721 New Smiths Dual Water Oil Gauge MGA MGB Bugeye MG Midget . 6134 FJC Inc. Clocks4Classics repair kit. 5 years ago from Nisonger. Its not in focus, but I think it works! Smiths Oil Pressure Gauge Water Temperature Dual 233480 Land Rover Series 1 2 2a Austin Healey - $139. Clock, gauge, instrument cluster repair Smiths, Jaeger, VDO, Veglia, We repair or restore most foreign . This kit uses a specially developed printed circuit board to replace the balance wheel contacts which are the usual cause of failure in these clocks. on fitting in th e cylinder head. Caerbont Automotive  Smiths have manufactured gauges for British cars for many years and we supply these Oil Pressure/Water Temp Dual Gauge, 0-100PSI, 40-110C – Black:  My U. 06 Smiths Classic Dual Gauge Black / Chrome Bezel 66" Capillary 30-110 C 100 Psi Gauges - Fuel Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, & Battery Gauge Repair and Restoration Vehicles Covered: Most cars and trucks 1920 through the early 1990's. Gauge Temprature Oil Jaeger Warranty Dual Pressure Healy Temprature Water Smiths Year Jaeger A. Speedo; Tacho; Chronometric - Speedo & Rev/Counters; Smith Dual Gauge; Jaeger Speedo - Tacho; Guaranteed Repairs & Sales. Best Saas Dual Battery Gauge. The dual gauge is not really repairable at home, especially the temp section, but you are likely to pay about the same for a pair of separate oil and temp gauges as one dual gauge, plus about the same as the gauge for the electric oil sender. 00 Smiths Classic Dual Gauge 52mm Oil 0-100 pis Water 90 deg C Half Round Chrome IVA Bezel Products. Parts and cosmetics, as necessary, are quoted after technicians have Smiths Classic Black Smiths Senders Motorsport BlackVue Speedflow iTronics Products By Application Automotive Gauges & Instruments Temperature Gauges Pressure Gauges Fuel Gauges Auxiliary Gauges- Volts, Amps, Hours. smiths dual gauge repair

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